19 Crimes Santa Hats

Treasury Wine Estates utilized a display enhancer for its national holiday promotion. The company wanted an item that adhered to wine bottles and cost under $1 to comply with consumer giveaway laws. Bridgetobridge presented the idea of Santa hats over the bottle neck, which turned out to be an affordable and successful giveaway.


Treasury Wine Estates wanted a display enhancer for its fourth quarter national holiday promotion for its 19 Crimes and Snoop collaboration throughout its off-premises retail chains and liquor stores. The price needed to be under $1 to be complicit with consumer giveaway laws, and the item was to adhere to wine bottles. 


Bridgetobridge presented a few custom ideas to go over the neck of the bottle, but the Santa hats dressed on the bottle were unique, festive, and eye-catching. What started out as a $5K to $10K order ended up at $100K. The markets saw a huge sales opportunity with such an affordable and easy giveaway that not only enhanced the displays but served as a consumer gift.


The ROI was explosive, and consumers bought the wine off the shelves. The brand expanded this promotion annually with slight tweaks to the design to bring a new version for each holiday season, including the 19 Crimes Martha Santa hat toppers.