Red Bull, National Basketball Association

Red Bull partnered with Bridgetobridge Marketing to increase its brand exposure and connection with a National Basketball Association team. Bridgetobridge’s expertise in sports marketing helped Red Bull produce customized sports accessories for major NBA teams, including towels and drinkware.


Help Red Bull’s brand connection with a National Basketball Association team maximize its exposure.


Red Bull has enlisted the sourcing and branding expertise of Bridgetobridge Marketing to produce its key sports accessories for major National Basketball Association teams in the United States. It’s a partnership that has spanned five years. The goal was to find products that players could easily use, while showing off the brand with customized towels, drinkware, and more.


Bridgetobridge’s extensive background in sports marketing matched the high brand standards of Red Bull and delivered measurable results with cost and time efficiency. When a television camera pans over the Golden State Warrior bench, Red Bull gets exposed when Steph Curry drapes himself in a custom double-side printed towel, where it can be seen nationally.