Balance + Outdoor

In today’s fast-paced digital era, striking a balance between disconnecting and staying connected is crucial. This new range of gadgets and equipment assists consumers in navigating the merging digital and physical realms. Achieving this equilibrium empowers consumers to live intentionally, allowing them to blend work and leisure during travel, stay connected while exploring nature, and recharge while relaxing.

Voyager Chairs with Underneath Cooler or Storage

15 oz. Mini Travel Dog Bottle

4″ Magnifying Rain Gauge

Crock-Pot® 20oz. Lunch Crock-Pot Food Warmer

Puplid – Hats for Dogs​

Promotional Can Protector

Indoor & Outdoor Bluetooth Solar Speakers

Personal Logoed Fireplace

The Can-Shaped Ice-Pack

​Rechargeable Hand Warmer Set

Rechargeable Magnetic Light with Bottle Opener

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